• Penka Georgieva
  • Ivan Popchev
Ключови думи: hybrid systems, genetic fuzzy system, artificial intelligence


This paper examines the concepts for designing and building a system that integrates the potential of fuzzy modeling with the capabilities of genetic algorithms in the process of finding optimal solutions. The rule-based genetic fuzzy system is a hybrid system that aims at optimizing the weight of the rules in the knowledge base of FSSAM. Some results from the optimization process are shown as an illustration of the system’s capabilities.


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Georgieva, P., & Popchev, I. (2018). ОПТИМИЗИРАНЕ НА БАЗА ОТ ПРАВИЛА С ГЕНЕТИЧНА РАЗМИТА СИСТЕМА. КОМПЮТЪРНИ НАУКИ И КОМУНИКАЦИИ, 7(1), 132-139. изтеглен на от https://csc.bfu.bg/index.php/CSC/article/view/220
Конференция на БСУ „Синя икономика и синьо развитие“. ISBN 978-619-7126-57-0

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